The new way of drinking on the go – PerfectLid got you covered, literally. 

Are you hot or cold?


Take-away lid for hot drinks

  • Reduce spillage and is easier to drink from (as you do not have to “look to drink”).
  • Unique interlock and seal design.
  • The double-seal lid enables drinking from all angles of the lid at 360 degrees, not just from one single hole. 
  • PerfectLid ensures a natural flow and preserves the aroma of your beverage (equal to drinking from a cup).
  • Designed for a hectic lifestyle (e.g. take-away, drive-thru and when consumed in the car), the lid is better placed on the cup and reduces spillage.


Take-away lid for cold drinks

  • Sustainable solutions (replacement products) have to improve today’s customer experience, not make it more difficult (e.g. reusable straws).
  • PerfectLid have developed a unique patented solution that addresses the challenges of eliminating the straw.
  • The ColdLid offers distinct advantages over other “green” solutions, and is the ultimate lid for convenience without compromising the environment.
  • Same advantages as the HotLid.