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Perfect Lid

PerfectLid is uniquely designed to enable drinking from all sides of the lid, allowing a spill-free and more enjoyable drink on the go. Perfect Lid is the ultimate lid for convenience and safety, offering distinct advantages over traditional coffee lids.



The new way of drinking on the go

Whether you are in a hurry, in the car, enjoying a hot beverage in the park with friends or on your way to work – PerfectLid got you covered, literally. Designed for a hectic lifestyle, the lid is better placed on the cup and you can drink from all angles.



Treasure the drinking experience

When you don`t have the time to sit down to enjoy your drink, PerfectLid is the preferred alternative. The drinking experience resembles drinking from an actual cup and the aroma of your beverage is preserved due to the double-layering design.

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Reduce spillage with double-seal lid

PerfectLid is a patent pending and innovative product with a unique  interlock and seal design. The double-seal lid enables drinking from all sides of the lid, at 360 degrees not just from one single hole. This unique feature ensures a smoother drinking experience and reduces spillage.


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